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Thank you for visiting my site! I’m a Craniosacral Therapist, Coach and Mentor offering somatic integration with a blend of healing modalities. My sessions are Divinely guided in a way that connects, awakens and resets you in the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual realms.  Over time, I’ve cultivated the ability to work within these planes simultaneously, utilizing techniques that I have studied, learned and practiced.

These sessions support you to be in optimal, inner alignment on physical, emotional and mental levels for living in harmony with your outer world.

I bring compassion and patience to reveal truth, inner awareness and liberation through holding sacred space for you, allowing you to be at the helm of your healing process. 

My mission is to be witness to your homecoming.

My passion is to midwife you on your path to your truest alignment. 

Whenever you are not residing in the energy of Love, you are not aligned.  That simple.  Sometimes you may hold back and sometimes you may project your desires and push through the present moment, and miss the juiciness of the NOW.  Core cranial is about presencing, self- awareness, and self-awakening.  

My experience working with babies, and birth trauma, has profoundly informed my work with adults and patterns that have been affecting them physiologically, psychologically and emotionally for their whole lives.

What brings me joy is to empower you toward whole health and wellness by facilitating your awakening and assisting in the removal of outdated and limiting beliefs, blocks and patterns that can result in drag and energy leaks on your life force.

Ultimately, I dream for a healthy collective nervous system,
and the work we do together takes us further in that direction.

Core Cranial somatic healing arts is a fusion of Craniosacral Therapy, Core Belief Restructuring, and Family Systems Constellations. These methods offer you healing in an accelerated and deeply transformative way so that you feel supported, confident and liberated in your growth and healing process.

I offer a culmination of 30 years of experience working with individuals of all ages, while simultaneously receiving mentorship from masters.  I currently reside in Southern Oregon where I have a thriving private practice, work in an alternative medical clinic and at a local hospital as a craniosacral therapist, and offer a co-operative free craniosacral therapy clinic to pre-crawling infants . Beyond Oregon, I work in surrounding areas including Washington, California, and Idaho.

When two or more people come together consciously, a collective field is created.  This field of intentionality will create palpable results.

Core Cranial is about creating the optimal environment in all ways so that magic meets the physical world.  This is what happens in the subtle fields. We call it magic, though it is real.

Much love,


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Terra, in your capable hands, my body unwinds and relaxes in a way that is rare for me. I am so grateful for your assistance in helping my nervous system to find its way back to its natural and healthy state. The addition of your intuition and vision is like seeing three practitioners in one. Thank you, thank you. 
— Ajana Miki, ND, LAc ~ Ashland Natural Medicine