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After seeing Terra my internal chaos subsided. The pain in my head that gave me constant headaches was lifted. I have more energy and can feel the energy within my body, and it no longer feels like it is draining out. I am happier and can sleep much better. My constitution is lighter.
— EH
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This is my first day off since I saw you a week ago! And it’s amazing that I was actually able to pull it off without destroying my body! My back has felt better than it has in over a year and I’ve had enough energy and strength to enjoy things like a short course back ride and a short paddle in a kayak after work! I couldn;’t have done those things prior to seeing you! You helped a big shift happen. Thank you!
— Stephanie D., Wilderness Guide
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Her touch transports me into a deep relaxation where needed changes can take place. Her presence is very gentle and loving and she has very sensitive hands that detect the subtlest changes and movement in my body.
— Ann D.
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I came for pain relief because your cranial/sacral work had been highly recommended. I had no idea what to expect. I quickly realized you were in touch with my body and knew exactly where to work. I have never experienced a practitioner having the awareness and connection you had with my body. Thank you so much. You are a true healer and I trust your intuition and healing gifts as part of my wellness path.
— JM, Social Worker
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Terra Mcdonald has been my friend, life coach and mentor now for over 6 years. I am thankful to have her support and guidance in my life as her support gives me what is needed to move through life’s stuff and to not get stuck on it. My work with Terra allows me to QUICKLY process, work on, and transition out of anything that may be keeping me from coming from the highest expression of who I am. Terra has supported myself and my daughter over the years with her coaching calls as well as all day sessions. The value of the time we spend with Terra is priceless. Our lives are forever richer due to the work we have done with her.
— Barbie Simpson, Simpson Sheet Metal
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