Core Belief Restructuring

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Core Belief Restructuring assists you in releasing what stands between you and the expression of your highest self.  These are usually misperceptions, beliefs, and/or images held by the sub-conscious as truths for you.  These truths create your world and if they are limiting, which they are if they are fear-based, they sabotage your conscious choices and desire for growth in all areas of you life.

CBR consists of several modalities that assist in releasing what stands before the highest possibilities of expression.  Divine Blueprint, which is using the truth of one’s most Divine Self as a template, is one method.  It is akin to facilitating a blossoming of gifts, whereas the karmic work is more like removing a splinter.  This template is like a fingerprint.  Unique only to you.  I refer to it as your Soul Print.  The process of the DBP allows us to bypass the ego where it may be blocking your highest expression.

The karmic work helps you to release any “splinters” or strongly-held beliefs interfering with you seeing your own image clearly to open the door to your Divine connection.

I integrate CBR in my Core Cranial sessions. This facilitates locating and releasing those restrictive beliefs to free you of their subliminal hold.  It allows you to expand your thinking, your creativity, your experiences, relationships and physical world.

Core Cranial sessions are guided by you, your inner wisdom, and my role is to be neutral, providing my attention, my love, my attunement to your highest self.  Each session is unique to you, as you continue to evolve and release.  Depending on your needs at the time of a session, there may be very little talking and other times I may engage in dialogue.  I feel we are all empowered beings therefore I will offer tools for you to work with so that you are at the helm of your self-healing journey, empowered and more aware of your own inner workings.

Everything that happens, happens first in your mind.   Together we seek, not necessarily to change your mind, but to remind you of who you have always been ~ your highest potential ~ and to return your mind to its greatest state.   Your Highest, or Divine Self, already exists; you simply need to remember it and remove those things that stand in the way.  Your potential is fuller, more powerful and more brilliant that you can imagine.  The key is to unlock what is already there and then express it in all that you are and do!

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